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Women and High Sex Drive

The conventional knowledge and wisdom regarding women’s sexual desire is being questioned in a book released in 2013 written by journalist of New York Times Magazine Daniel Bergner, What Do Women Want? Adventures in...


Magic Wand Rechargeable Review

I love the old Hitachi Magic Wand, or Magic Wand Original, as it is now called.  But it had many issues, like being very heavy, only two speeds, and well, the cord. So, I...


Woman on Fire Book by Amy Jo Goddard

I’ve been a huge fan of Amy Jo Goddard for a while and recently have had the opportunity to review her new book: Woman on Fire: 9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy,...


Jack’s Blowjob Lessons – a review

People think just because they are adults that they should know how to do sex, as if they were born innately with the right skills.  But, humans are not like animals and we don’t...