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PopMyCherryReview is a savvy sex toy review blog run by sex blogger, sex writer and sex toy reviewer Domina Doll.  Tsexy cherry vulvahe main content on this sex blog is sex toy reviews, adult reviews, adult film and movie reviews, including porn reviews and hot chick flicks with a focus on porn for women.   We also review a variety of other products of interest to women, like LunaPads.  If it is sexy, hip and something women want, then I will review it.

If you would like to contact Domina or send her some items for review please email her at domina (at) fatalefemmes (dot) com.

Content & Contributors

PopMyCherryReview has recently branched out to include other authors and various new sexual content.  Please visit the Author’s page to find out more about our contributors and their columns.  If you are interested in writing for PopMyCherryReview or submitting other content, please check our Submit page to get an idea of what we are interested in.

Product Disclosure

Most of the products reviewed at PopMyCherryReview are provided free of charge from the manufacturers or sex toy shops mentioned in each review for review purposes.  Although I do have affiliate accounts with some of these product providers, often I do not.  All reviews are my honest opinions and I am not motivated by financial gain or getting more products, because it is important to me to keep my personal integrity and mostly to give you accurate information so you can have better orgasms. I try to write honest, informed reviews, researching the company, product and using each product a few times before I write about it, and always try to point out both the good and bad in each product.  My motivation is in testing adult products and finding the best sex toys available in the market and passing that information and experience onto my readers so they can make informed purchasing decisions.


What started my interest in doing sex toy reviews was first my own need to find good products and second a job that I had in a brick and mortar sex shop.  Many of the products we were selling were crappy, jelly, smelly toys and I had a problem with that.  So I started researching toys, materials and testing the good, the bad and the ugly to discern what toys to honestly recommend to my customers.  I sincerely wanted and want, to help everyone evolve in their sexuality by having access to honest sexual information, as well as product reviews.  I also hope that my reviews help everyone have happier orgasms.  I no longer work for that company.

In my current day job, I work for another sex toy company.  However, PopMyCherryReview is my project and not motivated by my day job.  I do reviews for them as well as all the other sex toy shops I review for and treat them the same.  The only thing that my day job provides is an insight into the sex toys industry, valuable product knowledge and experience, which I can pass on to the consumer.  It is important to me to remain unbiased and to review for many shops, as this affords me the opportunity to be both impartial, better informed and objective.

Advertising and Affiliates

Yes, PopMyCherryReview does accept Advertising and use Affiliate programs as a way to bring in some residual funds to support the site.   Believe me, I don’t get rich from this, but it does help fund my domain and other expenses in a very small way.  My time, effort, research, writing, blood, sweat and tears are all given freely to this endeavor, and I do need a day job to support myself otherwise.  That said, I don’t just sign up with any old Affiliate or Advertiser, and only pick ones whom I personally would buy from, or feel they have value in their content.  I also keep these to the sidebars so they don’t interfere with the main content of the blog.  And, I also have specific requirements for my ads and banners so they are not offensive in content or design.  All this helps keep PopMyCherryReview free, and someday I hope will bring in enough income for me to pay my contributors.

So, if you like PopMyCherryReview and are looking to purchase sex toys or other adult material, please consider supporting the site by buying from my Affiliate stores.  Even better, consider purchasing your adult products from PopMyCherry Shop, my own store and hopefully someday I will be able to make PopMyCherryReview a syndicated e-zine that pays its contributors.

If you would like to learn about our advertising opportunites please contact Domina  at domina (at) fatalefemmes (dot) com.

Pop My Cherry Manifesto

“pop my cherry” is a blog that will explore sexuality through the lens of pop culture, i.e: “sexual culture.”

“Pop culture” is defined by 1. “what is popular within the social context,” 2.  “the widespread cultural elements in any given society that are perpetuated through that society’s vernacular language,” and, 3. “commercial culture, mass produced for mass consumption.”  Sex can be viewed as one of the most—if not the most—prominent aspect of pop culture given that it is used commercially, mass produced for mass consumption.
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