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Domina Doll


Domina Doll is a sex toy diva and your guide to the G-spot, penning reviews and sexuality articles on Pop My Cherry Review.  She is a regular contributor to Carnal Nation,, and the Sex Carnival.  In addition to working fulltime as the Affiliate Manager and Review’s Editor for,, and, Domina also freelances for various Sex Toy Shops and Adult Sites writing articles, copywriting and contributing content.

As an aspiring pornographer, when not writing she can usually be found masturbating, watching porn and sometimes both at once.  She also enjoys dressing up as a blow-up doll and passing out condoms on street corners to terrified strangers.  Domina believes genius is next to insanity and comes from a long line of schizophrenics, nymphomaniacs and Indian Chiefs.  She is the creator of Pop My Cherry Review.

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Danny Wylde

Danny Wylde is a pornographer, writer, and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California. He has his BA in Cinematic Arts from the University of Southern California. His work has been published in issues of Thieves Jargon, Thirst for Fire, Readjust Economies of Desire and Sex and Murder; featured in multimedia journals such as Angelingo; and exhibited at The Los Angeles Comedy Festival and OUTerfest.

In addition for blogging for his own site Trve West Coast Fiction and, Danny now has a column on called Front-Line Hustler where he will write about the porn industry, share his hot sex fiction, and various musings.  Follow Danny’s twitter @DannyWylde and check out this great interview with him on Lucy Vonne’s Sexy Blogtime blog.

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Garnet Joyce is the creator of the sex education site AskGarnet where she answers questions and covers topics related to sex, sexuality, and gender.   She also writes porn reviews for XCritic and works part time for Chicago’s first feminist sex shop, Early to Bed.   In her not so spare time she holds down a full time job in accounting and takes care of her wife and two cats.

Garnet is a former alt porn model, photographer, assistant, and cam girl.   She now aspires to make feminist pornography.   Follow her journey in her monthly column “Ethical Pornographer” where she’ll be exploring what it means to be an ethical pornographer by interviewing writers, directors, producers, and actors in the industry.

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Kara Sutra

Kara Sutra is the pseudonym of the sex advice sensation & host of “Sex Ed 102: All the things you didn’t learn…but should have” a show popular on YouTube that has gained both extensive notoriety and legions of internet fans.

While working in an “adult novelty store”  she came to the quick realization that there was a great misconception and stigma still attached to human sexuality and one’s own comfort ability with their body.  Sensing this, she decided to make it her goal in life to bring awareness to the subject as well as allow others a platform where sex could be talked about openly and honestly, without any judgment. Sex Ed 102 is now available via as well as Visit to find out more about the show and Kara the host.

Join Kara each Thursday for SexEd Videos with Kara Sutra here on Pop My Cherry Review for a new video sure to educate, titillate and make you laugh.

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As a graduate of Ohio State University’s Human Sexuality Bachelors program, Quinn is an expert in the field of personable relations.

In his spare time, Quinn is a registered volunteer in Cleveland’s Planned Parenthood main office, where he helps youth overcome the struggles of young pregnancies. Quinn has appeared in both MTV’s 16 And Pregnant and Teen Mom as a consultant to the young mothers on the show, and has a growing reputation for his work with PP.  Quinn’s site

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Holden has been exploring gender and kink for two short but exciting years and is self identified as butch, gentleman, genderqueer, married and monogamous, queer, stone, top, transmasculine.

Writing a personal blog at Packing Vocals has become a means to articulate thoughts around kink, gender and being queer as well as express some deeper, dirtier thoughts. An experiment in erotic fiction specifically involving Butches, Femmes and BDSM is another outlet for what can only be described as a filthy mind.

Join Holden for “Kinky Butch – A Queer View“, a new column  on PMCR that explores labels, rituals and gender queer comparisons!

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Swingtastic is a sexual deviant, corporate freak and social liberal – not necessarily in that order, but – who’s keeping score?  He is the other half of a happily married swinging couple, whose goals include educating the misguided that life is way to short not to have fun.   Swingtastic is a NY native, now residing in the Dirty South – specifically a small town outside of Hotlanta by the name of Cumming.  Yes, the name of the town is Cumming.

Swingtastic is now a regular reviewer and contributor to PMCR offering reviews of sex toys and other perverseness from a cis-gendered male /swinger perspective.

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Mistress Kay

Mistress Kay is a college student pursuing her love in writing, reviewing, and sex education. In her downtime, her obsession to collect sex toys is just as strong as her obsession to do well at her part-time job. She always tries to help those in need, and her habits get her signed up for a full schedule, so her social life usually falls by the wayside.  She blogs at Kinky World. (

Mistress Kay is our resident Erotic Fiction Reviewer and you can find all her reviews here in Erotic Reading Review.

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Lilith Land

Lilith Land is a cat loving, sex nerd who is finishing up her doctoral dissertation on the subject of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and sexual satisfaction. Female sexuality, is something that has fascinated me since I was 14 and read my first book on the subject: The Hite Report. Boy, was that an eye opener. Prior to that book, I had never heard the word clitoris. I had my first orgasm through masturbation within days of reading her book. Thank you, Shere Hite! I am also looking for participants for my dissertation and a book I am writing on this topic. Check my site out at, or you can find me at

Check out Lilith’s column: Lilith Land’s Corner.

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