Free E Book – Masturbation for Women

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Free E Book – Masturbation for Women

Jill’n Off- A Girl’s Guide to Solo Sex

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Would you like to learn how to become multi-orgasmic through masturbation?  Sure you would!

In “Jill’n Off: A Girl’s Guide to Solo Sex” is an 88 page GUIDE, the ultimate source for sexuality information on Masturbation for Women.

In this free Masturbation E Book you will discover:

  • The History of Masturbation, Taboos & Myths
  • Your Body, Orgasm and Your Health
  • Erogenous Zones
  • The Fabulous Clitoris
  • The Famous G spot
  • Types of Female Orgasms
  • Other Hots Spots: the A-spot & U-spot
  • Tantra for One
  • Mind Gasms & Energy Orgasms
  • Anal Play for Beginners
  • Sex Toys and Reviews
  • Sex Ed Books & DVDs

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