Clitoral or G-spot?

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  1. Adriana says:

    At first I was going to say I hadn’t experienced G-spot orgasm but I have according to Sudahl’s blended definition. It’s definitely different when I’m working both places but it doesn’t feel like a pure G-spot orgasm to me nor does it fit most definitions (the whole body experience).
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    • Domina Doll says:

      Well, you probably have. It is more likely that they don’t fit anyone’s else definition of what a G-spot orgasm feels like. The way people feel is soooo individual, and so hard to articulate I think. And, perhaps they were not very strong G-spot orgasms. Not every G-spot orgasm will give you a whole body experience, those are just the really good ones. Some are weak, or only half-realized. I find when I have one if I keep masturbating, I have more powerful ones after the first until I have a real good one and get too weak to continue. Kind of like clitoral, if you keep going after the first release you can have multiple tremors/orgasms. So, keep experimenting with it. I also noticed if I am doing clit stim with G-spot my G-spot orgasms are not as strong if I orgasm clitorally first too. So that might be something. I find it better to warm up with clitoral until I get almost to the brink, then stop and continue with G-spot alone, have my G-spot orgasm then continue with the clit if I can stand any more pleasure! Or if you are really skilled, have them both together, but the G-spot has to be ready for that to happen simultaneously. And, I guess I need more hands!

  1. 09/13/2009

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