How to Pleasure Your G-spot

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  1. holyspidoo says:

    @dominadoll have you ever reconsidered the idea of adding “in-use” audio to your posts? A devilish delight that would be.

  2. Thank You for this yet again interesting article…
    and now I´ve got to take a shower again 🙂

  3. Kayla says:


  4. Tatu says:

    very well described and really loved it. I have mailed my gf this page to read.. thank you.

  1. 10/05/2009

    […] Gräfenberg spot or G-spot was discovered by Ernst Gräfenberg a German gynecologist who first described it as “an erotic […]

  2. 01/04/2013

    […] for the perfect opportunity to try out the Fuze, made a nice hot bath and soaked for a while.  G spot play is wonderful in the bath tub, because it makes you very relaxed and also, you don’t have to worry […]

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