Come Play With Me

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3 Responses

  1. Howard Ino says:

    I know that I can not trust you…. We have been here before!

    You entice… like no other! My fingers brush across your cheek Oh damn that look again!

    I whisper….

  2. birgitta says:

    I remember how hot you felt, then. You told me you were cold, sitting together on the couch, watching Dr. Caligeri send his puppet out across stark and surreal landscapes. I waited for your mouth to finally cross the distance to my skin. Your breath swayed the tiny hairs on my skin, and I thought of sea grass in a thrusting current. I smelt your breath, earthy in a good way, and knew you brushed before you came. All I could think of then was the time you must have spent preparing- your hair was soft and slightly damp, the hint of cologne warming as you warmed, your clean honest breath. So much attention for what? To kiss me and leave? To moan and flee? The thought of your perpetual inertia spurred me. I tilted my face up to meet your parted wet lips.

  1. 03/29/2010

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