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Hello! My name is Tabby, and I just wanted to do a quick introduction. The lovely Domina has given me the very exciting opportunity to do a monthly column here, and I could not be more excited!

A little about me:

Tabby I am a 33 year old, bi sexual, 24/7 submissive/slave and baby girl to my Daddy Dom, whom I have been with for 16 years now. Although we have lived in a D/s type relationship pretty much since day 1 (Without the labels, or quite knowing where we fit in), we were late coming into the community. After doing so, my Daddy instructed me to start a blog to record our journey… with my thoughts, fantasies, needs, desires, feelings and so on as I learned to better my submission to him. In doing so, I was hugely surprised by how fast the blog took off. The responses started pouring in, and a big part of those responses were from those seeking advice dealing with sex or D/s relationships. With that, Dear Tabby was born, and became quite a hit not only on my blog, but in a group that I also run on Fetlife. With the large amount of traffic, I knew it was time to move on to my own domain, The Safe Playground, and have been getting reestablished there. Shortly after, I picked up my first opportunity in doing adult toy reviews for

Now, here I am –  and I am very excited to bring ‘Ask Tabby’ to Pop My Cherry Review! Ask Tabby is open to all questions.. Sexual, D/s related, and etc… there is no limit and you can ask me anything. If I do not know of the answer, I promise you I will find out! Dear Tabby will be mixed with a How to sort of thing. So this is very open, and you can expect to see some very detailed How to type posts mixed in with certain questions. So, with that said – I am ready when you all are, so ask away!  Please feel free to email me at baby_tabby @ (without the spaces), leave a comment here (anonymous if you prefer) or stay tuned and there will be a formspring box added here shortly! I look forward to hearing from you. I would also love to start to get to know everyone around here.. so tell me, what is your kink? What turns you guys on?

Kink and Lollipops, xo baby girl tabby xo

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  1. Cassondra says:

    very cool ma! welcome! i look forward to your posts!

  1. 06/16/2011

    […] everyone… i am very excited to announce that ‘Ask tabby’ is now an official monthly column at Pop My Cherry Review! Please take a moment to head on over, […]

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