A Tale of Two Bobs Part 2

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  1. Wayne says:

    Does this ever bring back memories! Not the same situation or string of events, but the whole being young and wanting to get laid no matter what foolish posing it takes, lol. I just had a flashback of a Christmas Eve at a friends house when I was 18 and trying desperatly to get past second base with Terresa. Of course the other guys all knew what was going on so they did they’re best to interfere, luckily for me she was as ready to get busy as I was and took control of the door latch! lol

  2. Domina Doll says:

    That is so funny that the kids were watching through the grate. Ha! Me and my neighbor we being babysat by her cousin quite often (our Moms used to go out together) and she (our babysitter) would always have this hunky guy over to fuck on the couch and we would watch them through the grate in the ceiling. We always loved when she babysat us! Haha!

  3. birgitta says:

    Ugh, the angst, the tension, the unending masturbation…I recall the teenage years as ones of intense longing that was rarely answered.

    One day in gym (oh god the horror.) I was playing soccer and for some reason it was co-ed. I was hustling the ball away from our goal when I ran into one of the hottest guys in our class. I can still feel it, the instant of complete body-to-body contact, the hardness of his body. The hardness and leanness of almost zero body fat fifteen year old boys can achieve.
    I was chubby then and now, and the only thing I could think was how mortified I was, but perhaps he felt differently about the sensation. A few months after the hit and run, we were once again in gym, and I heard him telling another boy how to tell if a girl thought you were worth hooking up with. WE were all goofing off in the weight room, and I had overheard him explain to the clueless kid just what to do, and I promptly forgot about it. He said “Stare at her, and make eye contact. If she looks away, then looks back at you, she likes you.” I remember thinking he was right.

    In retrospect, I was an ass. I forgot everything he said within a minute or so, and when I looked up to see this exceptionally hot guy looking at me, I blushed, smiled, looked away, and three seconds later looked up, to see him still looking.

    The next weekend, we were hooking up in his car, parked on some deserted back road. His mouth was a whole world of erotica. It still ranks as the second best kiss of my life, which speaks more to the lack of skill out there than my breadth of experience.

    I gave him a blow job, and that, too, was one of the best I’d ever given- this guy actually told me what he liked, and gave very explicit instructions. After cumming, he told me that we had to keep this a secret because he was still seeing one girl. (he would break the poly-amory barrier in my small high school. He had two girlfriends simultaneously) I laughed because while he was gorgeous, he wasn’t very smart, and he was not a guy I would boast about sucking off.

    Amusingly enough, my friends in the junior class wondered why I was so giddy all damn day, and my senior friends took one look and sang “somebody got some!” What a difference a year makes.

    • A year does make a huge difference sometimes. When I was fourteen, I couldn’t have been more clueless, but by the time I hit fifteen I was unstoppable or at least I felt that way.

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