Good Clean Love The Passionate Nights Kits Review & Contest

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21 Responses

  1. Gabrielle says:

    Love the scents/flavors. Great picks. I would love to win this one.

  2. AngelovElvis says:

    I would like to win Good Clean Nights Passionate Love Kit and my wife loves chai.

  3. CLP says:

    I want to win the Passionate Nights kit because Good Clean Love is my FAVORITE lube! I was lucky enough to try out the Lavender Rose, and as quick as that, became an adamant fan! I’d LOVE to try out the cinnamon vanilla, as it sounds delicious. I’m also very curious about the body candy. I’d really love to win this one! 😀

  4. CLP says:

    A pledge that I am promising to uphold is to promote recycling at work. I found a small blue wastebin that I recently took to work and encouraged my coworkers to drop their bottles and recyclables in and that I would take them home at the end of the week. So far, its just my junk in there, but that is still a little bit’s worth that is not going into the dumpsters!

  5. Cassondra says:

    i want to Win the Passionate Nights Kit.

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  6. Cassondra says:

    i already pledged at the site but I might put up another one stating that as a family, I have decided to feed our infant organic and home made baby purees so I Hope this counts. Yes, post this on a sex toy blog? Well … its another pledge. lol.
    Cassondra Law

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  7. Cassondra says:

    i follow @dominadoll & @goodcleanlove.


    muloove at yahoo dot com

  8. Cassondra says:

    i like PopMyCherryReview & Good Clean Love on fb.
    Cassondra Law

    muloove at yahoo dot com

  9. Inky Ink says:

    This would be lovely to have on long weekends!

  10. Inky Ink says:

    I pledge to have less plastic products and more organic foods in my home.

  11. alanna says:

    I’d like to win this fun kit! I think it’d be completely useful, as I’m very good at all the things the contents are used for 😀

  12. I’ve tried many Good Clean Love products and they’re all great I’d love to win some more!

  13. I pledge to recycle all of my sex toy packaging

  14. I follow DominaDoll and GoodCleanLove on Twitter and Tweeted –!/lucidobsession/status/63471386647207936

  15. I like PopMyCherry and Good Clean Love on Facebook as Lucid Obsession

  16. alanna says:

    I have started using my dryer for only half my laundry and air/hang-drying the other half.

  17. alanna says:

    Follow you and GoodCleanLove on Twitter @fairy_jewelry, and the Tweet is here:!/fairy_jewelry/status/63775270297014273

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