Hysteria and the Hitachi Magic Wand

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  1. 12/22/2011

    […] I recently received the Miracle Massager and had the chance to try it out fives times before writing this review.  I used to own a Hitachi Magic Wand, and although I found it a great vibrator, it was never my cup of tea.  The Miracle Massager is just as intense as the Hitachi, but features a sleeker, sexier design, and is more lightweight and ergonomically designed.  The head is unique as well, as it bends with pressure and nestles comfortably into place. Read my review of the Hitachi Magic Wand. […]

  2. 01/04/2013

    […] explores one of my favorite topics: Hysteria and the invention of the vibrator. (See my articles:  Hysteria and the Magic Wand and a more in depth essay: Hysteria: The Wandering Uterus & A Brief History of the […]

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