Lust Objectified-Meet Nea

“Lust Objectified.”  “Pleasure objects.”  These are the phrases that aptly describe the toys made by Swedish designers LELO (Luxury Erotic Lifestyle Objects), for their toys are beautiful objects of pleasure that the whole world is coveting.  Lelo is my favorite manufacturer of vibrators. They are simply in a class all by themselves.

How do I love Lelo?  Let me count the ways.

Lelo’s pleasure objects are exquisitely designed, high quality, gorgeously crafted, buzzing objects D’art that are manufactured from superior materials featuring pearl, porcelain, sterling silver and 18K gold plate finishes.  All of Lelo’s pleasure objects are rechargeable, so they are environmentally conscientious.  They come with a 1 year warranty so you can look forward to many nights of pleasure.  They are packaged in elegant, durable gift boxes, complete with plug-in charger, instruction manual, and a satin pouch for stylish storage.

A month or so ago, I tried my first Lelo pleasure object Lily, whom I fell in love with.  Now meet her sister Nea.

My buddy SexToy Dave from sent me Nea as a gift.  He said it was to keep me happy.  Awe, Sweet!  Well, happy is what I am when I receive a wonderful gift like Nea in the mail.

lelo2Nea is a bit more girly and polished that her sister Lily.  Where Lily has a pearl, silken finish, Nea’s is sleek, shiny porcelain.  Lily is understated in her “little black dress” while Nea is more flashy with her hot pink mini-skirt and delicate stylized flower design down her back like an Asian tattoo.  Lily is the professional woman in tailored suits and stilettos who drinks dry martinis stirred not shaken, while Nea is her hip younger sister who wears sleek neoprene halter dresses, glittery sandals and rocks the night away at the dance club.

Besides their outward appearances, there is really no difference between Nea and Lily, except for price.  Lily is slightly more elegant and a bit more expensive.  Nea is more fashionable and slightly more affordable.  Both pleasure objects are lightweight and fit into the palm of your hand.  Both are ergonomically contoured and designed for clitoral/vulva stimulation.  They both have easy control (+) and (-) buttons, featuring five gradual speeds and five stimulation modes.  Both are powerful despite their tiny size, yet quiet as a feather.

If you read my Lily review, you’ll know that she worked just fine bringing me to orgasm, and Nea was no different.  The vibration is very sensual and slowly builds towards climax.  The different throbbing, pulsing modes offer diversity in pleasure.

So who’s my girl: Lily or Nea?  Well, I love Lily’s understated look, but most of all her pearl silken finish feels amazing and is my favorite texture.  Although Nea is hip, young and sassy, I prefer silk over satin.  Plus, I’d hate to offend a loyal friend, for one roll in the hay with a savvy disco chic.  You know sisters can be terribly competitive and jealous!  For now, look for me at the martini bar on the leather chair with Lily discretely purring beneath me.

Check out other Lelo products like Yva in stainless steel or 18 K gold-plate, or penetration vibrators Iris, Elise and Liv.

This review is brought to you by the biggest distributor of sex toys worldwide.

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