Nookii’s Slap & Tickle Kit

Some bdsm toys can be very intimidating, especially for kink-curious newbies.  Nookii’s Slap & Tickle Kit is very discreet and tastefully packaged in a cute cylinder gift canister with playful diagrams and writing that is not the least bit threatening.  Inside you will find a nice satin golden storage bag full of saucy little treats: two ankle & two wrist cuffs in satin, a satin blindfold, a feather tickler, a Do Not Disturb Sign, and a pack of playful suggestion cards.

The suggestion cards give you lots of inspiration and ideas to get you started including how to prepare for a scene, tips and techniques for the Master on what to do to their “prisoner of love” (like how to spank!) and fantasy play scenarios.

This kit would be ideal for lovers who would like to start experimenting with a little playful Slap & Tickle with their partners, but are unsure how to approach the subject.  Buying this cute little kit for your lover would be the perfect hint.  While is does suggest playful bondage, the kit itself is so classy, it hardly reminds one of hard kink or perverted debauchery.  It “reads” more as a playful game to engage in with your lover that will heat up the usual sex routine.  In fact, sensual bondage and playful spanking are two “kinky” types of play that many “vanilla” couples partake in, so are not really very “kinky” anymore.  And, who knows where this little experiment may lead?  Lots of fun and sizzling sexy time, I bet!

So if you want to add a bit of flirty fun into your sexual repertoire, with just a bit of naughtiness, I highly recommend this cute little Slap & Tickle Kit from Nookii Toys.  Don’t forget to put up your “Do Not Disturb” sign beforehand!

You can purchase Nookii’s Slap & Tickle Kit from Boudoir Essentials.

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    […] Nookii Slap & Tickle Kit by Domina Doll […]

  2. 02/24/2010

    […] Nookii Slap & Tickle Kit by Domina Doll […]

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    […] Nookii Slap & Tickle Kit by Domina Doll […]

  4. 02/25/2010

    […] Nookii Slap & Tickle Kit by Domina Doll […]

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