Oil of Love – Tangerines and Cream

oil of love

The Kama Sutra Original Oil of Love was one of the first sensual warming lubricants that I ever used and is still my number one choice. I usually don’t like flavored products, finding them either too sweet, artificially flavored, or that they leave an unpleasant after taste. The Original Oil of Love tastes like spicy vanilla cotton candy and is delicious.  The Tangerines and Cream Oil of Love tastes like a Creamsicle and cotton candy and is a treasure to the taste buds.  Like the original, it has no aftertaste and does not taste artificial.

Kama Sutra makes great quality products with lovely packaging.  The Oil of Love comes packaged in a storage tin with a pop-off lid.  Inside, the oil is stored in a clear, corked bottle that is quite beautiful and discreet.  You could display both the tin and/or bottle in your bathroom or bedroom they are so pretty.

The “oil” itself is thick and not oil at all, but a water-based product that has a syrupy texture.  It warms immediately upon contact with the skin or tongue, providing a subtle, yet sensual warm feeling when massaged into the skin, which is enhanced with blowing or licking. It feels very sensual on the erogenous zones, such as the nipples and genitals, and is specifically designed with oral play in mind. In fact, I would not suggest using it for full body massage because of its rather sticky consistency, but highly recommend for enhancing intimacy on areas you want to kiss, lick or suck.  What I also love about Kama Sutra products is that the ingredients are always clearly listed on the package as well.

I found the Oil of Love to be extremely pleasurable and use it for fellatio, cunnilingus and masturbation exclusively. Although it is promoted as “latex safe” and can be used with condoms, it is labeled “for external use only”, so I did not use this product for intercourse. Due to its syrupy nature I suspected that it contained a sugar which it does (glycerin and sucrose), so I would not recommend it for women who may be prone to yeast infections as sugars are known to promote yeast growth.

The Oil of Love comes in several different flavors including Original (my favorite!), Tangerines and Cream (delicious!), Cherry Almond, Raspberry Kiss (very berry!), Vanilla Crème (yum!), Ambrosia, Strawberries and Champagne and Tropical Mango.  I really don’t think you could go wrong with this product and every flavor I have tried so far is great.  It is my favorite Kama Sutra product next to Treasure of the Sea [my review].  If you haven’t tried any Kama Sutra products yet, I also recommend the Weekender Kit that has several sample size containers of Kama Sutra’s most popular products.

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