Pleasurists #59

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  1. Allie says:

    I’m fielding submissions for a tongue-in-cheek relationships website, featuring anonymous anecdotes from women on sex, dating and relationships — and I want you to participate!
    Every woman has at least one hilarious, jaw-dropping or cringe-worthy anecdote to share. Think of yours and submit it by January 31st. I’m sure you have a good one!
    Submission Guidelines
    The best anecdotes focus on YOU. For example, if your boyfriend cheated and you pulled an Elin Nordegren (of Tiger Woods fame), your anecdote should build up to the shocking moment you struck his SUV with a 9-iron. In other words, highlight what you did that was shocking, funny, emotional, embarrassing, etc. — whether you regret it or would gladly do it again. There are no taboo subjects. Feel free to express yourself.
    • Detail a specific incident or encounter
    • Build up to your leading moment
    • Limit submissions to 250 words

    Please Note: By submitting an anecdote, you agree to the Terms of Submission. All anecdotes will be completely anonymous. Your email address and/or personal information will never be shared or published. Submissions may be edited for grammar and clarity.

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