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The Original ToiBocks

Having almost 200 sex toys in my collection, I am occasionally in need of a little storage.  I have several different storage cases that are fine for my array of regular silicone dildos and vibes.  But, now that I have begun to collect luxury sex toys, well I’d hate to put those into just any old box.

The Original ToiBocks™ looks like an elegant jewelry box, so it is beautiful and can be displayed anywhere.  But, unlike most jewelry boxes that feature a lock and key where one needs to hide the key, this storage box has a secret compartment that is invincible, unless you know the secret.

The locking mechanism is so unique, it took me a while to figure it out.  I hate to read instructions, even when they are short and sweet, so dived right in to try and figure out how it worked by myself.  I was stumped.  When I found out it locked using a magnetic “mechanism”, I thought, “Brilliant!”  Of course I had to resort back to the directions to find this out, as there is no visible locking mechanism anywhere inside or out.  (If you want to know exactly how this device works you can read other reviews about it, but I didn’t feel it was appropriate to reveal its secret.)

The ToiBocks is 11″ x 7″ x 6.25″ and comes in a dark cherry finish.  Inside, the entire box is lined with a red velvet material. The lid opens on a hinge to reveal the top shelf with three partitioned compartments perfect for small discreet items.  In there I have stored my Just in Case condom case (another discreet storage item to hide my condoms), my erotic body jewelry, my Coco der Mer Vaginal Eggs, my Ophoria Finger Vibe and a small stainless steel butt plug.  Underneath, in the secret compartment I have my Shiri Zinn Minx, my Nomi Tang Better Than Chocolate Vibe, and my JimmyJane Little Chroma.  I could also fit about two more small toys there as well if I wanted to.

While the ToiBocks does not have enough room to store all my collection, I suspect that most people only have use for a few favorite toys, so this would be ample enough for them.  It is the perfect storage option for people who want to hide their valuable sex toys (medications, cash, even jewelry) in plain sight, without fear of some snooping mother-in-law, child or your cleaning lady finding your precious unspeakables.

The Original ToiBocks™ is an ingenious design for practical, secret storage, and a beautifully crafted bedside box for the sophisticated sex toy aficionado whose luxury objects deserve the best in adult storage.

In addition, for my US readers, receive a 10% discount over the Holiday season when you order from with my code DOMINA2009!  For readers outside the US, you can order the ToiBocks via Amazon and receive free shipping using the link below.

The Original ToiBocks, Jewelry Box/Valet (at Amazon)

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