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A couple of months ago, I wrote: Zen and the Art of Fire Cupping, reviewing a fire cupping set from Extreme Restraints.  There was a lot of trial and error involved with learning how to use the fire cupping set including burning myself.  I did discover how to safely use the set in the end, but wanted to try another suction cupping set to see how it compared.  Well, you don’t have to worry about burning yourself with the Vacuum Cupping Set from Extreme Restraints.  The worst you will get is a hickey or two.

This set is super fantastic.  Seriously.  It is so much fun to play with and will really get you off, if you like the sensation of being “sucked”.  Ya, I’m wet just thinking about it!  What can you suck? Well, just about any fleshy part of your body including breasts, nipples, clitoris, buttocks, thighs, stomach, and back.  It is super easy to use and safe (no fire!).  Simply put the gun attachment together, secure one of the suction cup to the end of gun (with spring-loaded acu-points if desired), place open end against skin (moist skin works best), pull gun trigger to desired amount of suction, and release the gun from the cup.  The cup then stays put on the skin due to suction.  To release, simply pull up the little tip (nipple) to release the suction and remove.

cupping set

Unlike some suction devices that require three hands, like the Dr. Joel Kaplan’s Nipple Pump System, this cupping set is really simple and easy.  I also found Kaplan’s pump required you to squeeze it strongly, whereas with this cupping set, very little strength is required.  You can use the cups with or without the acu-points, which add extra (pin-point) sensation to the area being suctioned, especially good for nipples and clitoris. Be careful about being over-eager with your suction, as it can cause swelling of blood vessels, broken blood vessels and bruising.  I actually know a guy who got a big purple blood blister on the end of his dick from pumping to hard.  Ouch!

This cupping kit comes in a case including pump (gun), 10 cups of various sizes, and 8 acu-points, as well as medical instructional manual (in case you want to use it as intended by the medical community).

This toy is hot, hot, hot, and it feels so good having your nipples and clit pumped, deviously erotic and intense!  Great for any type of erotic bdsm, fetish, or medical play.

The Vacuum Cupping Set from Extreme Restraints is by far the best suction pump device I have used so far.  A must have for serious pumping fetishists!

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